Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.33 [Vol.49] (published:Feb 2016)


The Change of Moods through the Imagery Breathing Technique and the Muscle Relaxation Technique; The Similarities and Differences between the Two Techniques TOKUDA Kanji (1)
The Elderly Adults’ Inhibition of Return on SRC Task SUN Qin, YOSHIDA Hajime, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, OHKAWA Ichirou (13)
Stress of Child Rearing and Cell Phone Use TSUBOGAMI Hatsumi (21)
Adult Development on Participants to Parenting Support Groups in Yamagata YOSHIMOTO Tomoko, KOMORI Nobuko, TAKAGI Kazuko (33)
How do Children Play without Adults? ─Analyses of Sand-play in a Room─ SHIBUYA Ikuko, YASUMATSU Azusa, KOMORI Nobuko, TAKATA Kaoru, TAKAGI Kazuko (45)
Practical Research
Development and Comparison of Two Computer Programs with Different Reinforcement Consequences: Application to a Child with Autistic Disorder SUZUKI Miori, NAKANO Yoshiaki (57)
Positive Effect of “Familiar Music” on Demented Elderly ─Intervention Taking Account of Narrative─ SAKASHITA Masayuki (69)
Study Notes
“The Problem of the Reproductive Medicine” due to Infertility Psychology ─A Problem to Hide behind in the Relationship do not “Treat by Medical Care” that “Interface” Submits ARAKI Akiko (81)
A Study of Attitudes toward Death and Related Factors in the Female University Students. KURATA Mayumi (95)
Cancer Care Policies in Japan: A Critical Appraisal from the Right to Health Perspective MUNESUE Tokuko (105)
Infl uence of Intervention through Simple Arithmetic and Reading Aloud to the Aged on Activation of Prefrontal Lobe YOSHIDA Hajime, KATAGIRI Atsushi, OHKAWA Ichirou, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, SUN Qin, NAKAMURA Yoshihiro, TAKAHASHI Nobuko, ISHIKAWA Mariko, MIYATA Masako, SAKAGUCHI Yoshie, HAKOIWA Chiyoji (117)


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