• インフォメーションUpdate: Research HighlightsSENOO, A.“My worries when I ask people their life – A note on the nature of the interviewer“(Published: 2019-09-30)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research HighlightsYAMASAKI, Y.“Criminal investigation TV programs and forensic science/forensic psychology“(Published: 2019-08-27)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research Highlights KANZAKI, M.“The task of creating ibasho at schools“(Published: 2019-06-28)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research HighlightsYAMADA, S.“Lawyer’s Attendance at Suspect Interrogations”(Published: 2019-06-07)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research Highlights KIM, S.“Thinking about new forms of the family: from the perspective of the laws governing parent-child relationships in the Netherlands”(Published: 2019-04-01)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research HighlightsMURAKAMI, T.“The marvel of visual space: the somatic sensation that support visual perception”(Published: 2019-03-31)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research Highlights HIROSE, S.“Children’s self-expression that begins with ‘Look!’”(Published: 2019-02-01)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research HighlightsKANZAKI, M.“Community schools and ibasho at schools”“(Published: 2019-01-10)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research Highlights TSUCHIDA, N.“The expansion of “‘being able to do’ with assistance” and “praise”“(Published: 2019-01-07)
  • インフォメーションUpdate: Research HighlightsHIGO, K.“The problem solving ability of human and artificial intelligence“(Published: 2018-11-13)


Research Highlights

My worries when I ask people their life – A note on the nature of the interviewer

I often use the method of gathering information called an “interview survey.” This involves asking participants questions in order to gather information related to my research interests. Participants can vary depending on the questions being asked, and in my case they include people such as students, pregnant women, and university educators.   This time the question I have been force...

My worries when I ask people their life – A note on the nature of the interviewerの続きを読む

Research Highlights


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