Studies for Inclusive Society 10 (published: February 2016) Management of Male Caregivers' Community (in Japanese)


Some Aspects of the Vocational Decision-making Process Viewed from Life Cycle in College TOKUDA Kanji (1)
Effects of Aspect-ratio and Size of Photographs upon the Depth Impression and the Depth Perception on their Scenes OHNAKA Yukiko, MATSUDA Takao (15)
Marital Quality and Depression among Middle and Elderly Women: Links with Social Activities and Support Network UTSUNOMIYA Hiroshi (25)
Survey of Mothers with Children Receiving 24-hour Medical Care at Home SAKURAI Hiroko, NISHIWAKI Yoshie (35)
Apprehension in Students Decision of Seeking Counseling Services: The Analysis of University Students’ Narratives Using KJ Method GENMA Ryo, SATO Tatsuya, MIZUKI Shodo (47)
Gender Role Consciousness of the Parents which Let Daughters Aim at “The Normal Marriage”─From the Talk of the Women who Married in 1980’s─ TANIMURA Hitomi, SATO Tatsuya, TSUCHIDA Noriaki (61)
A Policy of an International Exchange and a Program for University Students to Study Abroad SON Kyungmi, MURAYAMA Hiroshi (75)
Practical Research
Effects of Music Therapy on a Person with Schizophrenia ─Using Familiar Songs to Modify Lifestyle Habits─ SAKASHITA Masayuki (93)
Functional Analysis and the Training of Self Management Behavior in a Student of Senior High School for Handicapped Student Participating as a Probationer in a Working Place OTA Takashi, INAO Yumiko, MATSUDA Koichiro, MOCHIZUKI Akira (107)
A Positive Behavioral Support for the Person with Autism and Behavioral Disorder: Improvement of the Communication Behavior Based on Functional Assessment MATSUDA Koichiro, MOCHIZUKI Akira (117)
Study Notes
Emotional Literacy: Schooling, the Community and Success Nathan Paul KRUG (129)


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