Studies for Inclusive Society 7 (published: March 2015) Transparency of Interrogation: Innovative Data Recording and Analysis by the Human Science (in Japanese)


The Change of Moods in the Muscle Relaxation Technique TOKUDA Kanji (1)
The Comparison with Children’s Evaluations of a Temporary School Route and a Refurbished Route. MIZUKI Shodo (9)
Practical Research
Teaching Payment-in-cash Skills through Computer-based Instruction in a Student with Autism SAKAMOTO Maki, MUTO Takashi (21)
Impact of Performing Easy Task on Problem Solving of Arithmetic and Language in Pupils ISHIKAWA Mariko, YOSHIDA Hajime (31)
The Meaning of Job Support of The Big Issue Japan for the Venders ; The Effects of Feedback about Sales Invention by Peer Venders and Customers. TERASAKI Sachiko, FUJI Nobuko (41)
The Statements Analysis of Nabari Poison Wine Incident 1. What Led Mr. OKUNISHI to Confess WAKINAKA Hiroshi (59)
Competition among Various Models and Perspective on a Trend toward Integrartion on Categorization Research KYOYA Ikuko (103)
Public Lecture
Criminal Trial and Eyewitness: Lessons from Miscarriage of Justice in Canada and Japan IBUSUKI Makoto (117)
Rises and Falls of Clinical Psychology in Japan: A Perspective on the Status of Japanese Clinical Psychology SATO Tatsuya (133)


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