Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.32 [Vol.48] (published:Aug 2015)


Science-independent Knowledge and Risk of Story:Reconsider “Knowledge Formation” from “Feedback” ARAKAWA Ayumu (1)
Team Management and Information-sharing in Medical Practice:A Comparative Study of Stroke Units in the UK MURATA Kyoko (11)
Social Interaction and Deepening Pupils' Understanding on Ratio Concepts YOSHIDA Hajime, HIRAYAMA Toshiro (25)
Panoramic Impressions and Perceived Lateral Distances in Photographic Displays Differ in Their Qualities OHNAKA Yukiko, MATSUDA Takao (35)
A Developmental Study of Behavioral-Regulation─Analysis of Differentiation Reaction on the Go/No-Go Task─ MAEDA Asuka (45)
Research Note
The Center-of-gravity Model of Chromostereopsis KITAOKA Akiyoshi, KURIKI Ichiro, ASHIDA Hiroshi (59)
A Reconsideration of Human Errors from a Viewpoint of the Reference Frame Diversification ODA Masaomi (65)
Comprehension of Symbol and Acquisition of Pretending in Early Childhood INOUE Yohei (75)
Practical Research
Use of Cell Phone Mail in a Deaf Person with Mental Disability─Effect of the Hiragana-sound Table Card on the Input of Words─ OTA Takashi, IIDA Tomoko, FUJII Katsumi, MOCHIZUKI Akira (85)
Training of Functional Verbal Behavior by Multi-modal Usage of T.V. Cell Phone in Deaf Persons with Intellectual Disabilities IIDA Tomoko, OTA Takashi, FUJII Katsumi, MOCHIZUKI Akira (93)
Special Issues
Building a Family Relationship without Blood Relations:The Story of a Woman Who Adopted a Child after an Artificial Insemination with Donor Sperm(AID)Trial YASUDA Yuko (107)
Contemporary Change of the Meaning of Having a Child─The Rise of Parenting Education in UK─ SAITO Mao (125)
Two Resources in Domestic Care: Special Properties of Care in Family with Person with Learning Difficulties. NAKANE Naruhisa (137)
Medicalization of Pregnancy and “Good Childbirth Experiences”Individualization of Childbirth Experience and Social Control MATSUSHIMA Kyo (147)


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