Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.31 [Vol.47] (published:Feb 2015)


Development of the Activities of Daily Living rating scale for the elderly (Institutional edition) TAMAI Satoshi, OOKAWA Ichiro, YOSHIDA Hajime, TSUCHIDA Noriaki (1)
The Tendency of Data Selection in the Wason Selection Task: Human Fallacy and Rationality in Reasoning HATTORI Masasi (13)
A Tourist's Repeat Behavior Modeling Based on Factor Analysis ─ Case Study on Arima Hot Spring Resort Area ─ PARK Jungyoung (23)
Safeguarding the Quality of Patient Case Information in the Transition from Paper Patient Records to Electronic Patient Records through Effective Narrative Informatization MURATA Kyoko (37)
The relationship between creativity of Haiku and idea search space YOSHIDA Yasushi (59)
Examination of the Role of Ideal Point at the Preference Construction from the Perspective of Decision Context Effect TAMURA Mafumi (73)
Hindrance of trans -sector or trans -disciplinary communication and its resolution using structural -constructivism ARAKAWA Ayumu, SATO Tatsuya (85)
A note on the relation between trembling of pictorial image and visually induced motion sickness MATSUDA Takao, OHNAKA Yukiko (97)
A review on interventional studies on children with communication difficulty or behaviour disorders: Prologue YOSHIDA Hajime, OOKAWA Ichiro, TUCHIDA Noriaki (107)
Roles of the listener in nonverbal communication: Over the dichotomy of speaker ─ oriented gesture and listener ─ oriented gesture. ARAKAWA Ayumu (121)


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