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Speakers including invitee Izumi Shinichiro from Japan Science and Technology Agency. January 2015.
Team leaders and Prof. Soydan Haluk, University of Southern California School of Social Work. January 2014.

Since 2000, Ritsumeikan University has been developing a synthetic approach to research and practice in the field of human services in cooperation with regional communities. For example, the University’s Institute of Human Sciences (IHS) has developed various projects funded by MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) focusing on “human-centered environment design for human services” and “the development of clinical human services.” These initiatives are aimed at improving the well-being of various segments of society such as the elderly, people with mental or physical disabilities, and caregivers. In 2012 the University also launched the Center for Forensic Clinical Psychology with the aim of increasing impartiality within justice/social systems and creating a more inclusive society.

Based on these activities and research results accumulated at our University, we have also started a new project to create advanced frameworks for “Translational Studies for Inclusive Society” through cooperation among scholars, professionals, and other stakeholders. Through this initiative we will further enhance our ongoing research projects such as the study of the well-being of the elderly, support for groups of autistic children, “job coaching” by students, support for men as caregivers, the creation of a barrier-free society, the rehabilitation of offenders, and legal support for victims. Our approach will involve systematically and methodically examining how physical, social, and institutional support systems can and should be made more effective in order to achieve an inclusive society where various types of socially vulnerable individuals can take part in social activities as legitimate participants.

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