I am conducting research on behavioral control. People unconsciously do things that are different from what they intended to do. Making such errors is a characteristic of human beings. We often compare computers with human beings. Since computers perform programs correctly, errors cannot happen unless the program itself has errors. On the other hand, human beings make errors in various situations. I am experimentally researching such errors, especially from the perspective of the relationship between errors and aging. I am often stuck by the extent to which our daily behaviors are controlled by unconscious mechanisms.

Education and Professional Career

Ph.D. in Human Sciences, OSAKA UNIVERSITY, Osaka   2005 Associate Professor Department of Psychology, RITSUMEIKAN UNIVERSITY 1996-2006 Professor Department of Psychology, RITSUMEIKAN UNIVERSITY 2006 to present Visiting Researcher Department of Neuropsychology, TOHOKU UNIVERSITY 1997 Department of Psychology, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO 2005-2006

Field of Specialization, Area of Research

Developmental Psychology Cognitive Psychology Gerontology

Research Achievements

Academic papers

Tsuchida,N. , Morikawa, S. , Yoshida, H. & Okawa, I. " Motor Inhibition in Aging: Impacts of Response Type and Auditory Stimulus" Journal of Motor Behavior, 45, 343-350, 2013. Tsuchida. N.“Inhibition of return using location discrimination in two age groups”, Perceptual and Motor Skills, 100, 554-558, 2005 Tsuchida, N.“Inhibitory function in the stimulus-response compatibility task”, Perceptual and Motor Skills, 100, 249-257, 2005 Tsuchida, N.“Inhibition of return using discrimination of location”, Perceptual and Motor skills, 96, 355-369, 2003. Tsuchida, N.“Children’s inhibition of return on manual task”, The Japanese Journal of Developmental Psychology, 13, 244-251, 2002.



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