ASANO, hiroshi

I was engaged in the special support education for 36 years and performed school system administration by the management for the reorganization of a synthesis system in Kyoto-city beyond the particularly national only obstacle classification, the zoning school for disabled children, the curriculum formation by the individual inclusion support plan by the protector participation centrally. I received Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology research and development school designation for six years in these ten years and performed national announcement as the chairperson (chairperson) every year and was able to turn to the rebuilding of the way and school luck organization of the curriculum by the plural number obstacle class, the way of the record of the personal information by the protector participation and the reflection to a curriculum for enlightenment, the spread.
I leave the school spot and I belong to Ritsumeikan University now and devise the instruction way of the infant with the problem in the kindergarten education of the approximately 80 garden rest and the making of in the garden system, an individual instruction plan, the education support plan as association of Kyoto-city private institution kindergarten special support education advisor afterwards. I make use of the experience in the conventional school spot, and put it together with the spread of community schools including the way of the way of the cooperation with the supporters such as the engine or protector concerned and the way of record characteristics and the bill of proof of personal information used there, concrete instruction and want to continue a study to investigate directionality of the support education in particular in the future.

Education and Professional Career

April,2007 in Kyoto City Principal of west synthesis school for disabled children arrival September, 2006 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology special support school course of study revision, commentary book making WG committee ... flat 21 Principal of west synthesis support school expiration of a term retirement at the age limit Kyoto City in March, 2008. April, 2008 The professor at Ritsumeikan University assumption of office, the Kyoto-city Board of Education leadership general upbringing support section participation assumption of office

Field of Specialization, Area of Research

* Special support education ① Education support plan of the curriculum ② school management ③ class improvement ③ individual guidance plan / individual treatment④ The early detection such as developmentally disabled children in the kindergarten education and early correspondence and cooperation⑤ The way of cooperation and record characteristics and the bill of proof with the person himself and a protector and the organization concerned

Research Achievements

Academic papers

A treatise: The small special feature "new action for the future of the school for disabled children :" It is a statement about an idea of the zoning, synthesis system nursing in trial Hiroshi Asano Japanese developmentally disabled society Vol. 25 second "developmentally disabled study" H15 Kyoto-city of the general school for disabled children and the school administrative body, support system, curriculum to characterize it. About an individual inclusion support plan. (manuscript request) "Ring Hiroshi Asano / Shigeru Narita compilation 2009 the earth sinsya of the new individual instruction plan e-iep protector-centered support" "Making of special support school new course of study point class special support education" joint work H22.20-21,52-55,90-91p.p. touyoukann syuppann company "Straight for life , it is the people on the time and tha place" Hiroshi Asano H20. color art company Co., Ltd. "Reconsideration ①" Hiroshi Asano / Ayae kido (Kyoto University pedagogy graduate course) of "the cooperation" mainly composed of "person concerned characteristics" 6 matching in the - work learning "to tie if "it is possible" to discover を which "it is possible" for of the severeness overlap mental disabilities high grade part student" - Yosuke Wakizaka" (Fukui Prefectural Nannetsu school for disabled children )/ Hiroshi Asano H23 vs. person help society poster announcement, Ritsumeikan University H23,11)


  • Theme 3: Research on Escorted Support for Inclusive Society
  • Translational Studies for Inclusive Society
  • A July, 2007 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology designation leading education computerization project: Study theme "computerization three years of the special support education by the construction of the general school affairs smooth system" 2010 handicapped person general welfare promotion business "designated problem 25: welfare for the reinforcement of the handicapped child support and in particular investigation about the cooperation in the support education"


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