The Institute of Human Sciences was established in April of 2000 as a successor to the Institute of Educational Sciences that had been established 1990 with the aim of conducting wide-ranging comprehensive/interdisciplinary research concerning human beings and society. Today broad-minded research activities are being carried out through various projects and research teams with the participation of scholars at Ritsumeikan and other universities, undergraduate and graduate students, and teachers at junior and senior high schools.
Through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s private university “Academic frontier” Project (2000-2004) we constructed Soshikan Hall as a combination education/research facility and conducted ”Comprehensive Research on Human Environment Design for Human Services.” We were also selected to take part in the “Open Research Center” Project (2005-2009), and have continued to conduct research activities in collaboration with scholars and practitioners in various fields centering on the theme of “Constructing Clinical Human Sciences – Human Environment Research for the Provision of Human Services” in pursuit of much-needed new developments in human services. In 2010-2012 we conducted a project entitled “Comprehensive and proactive simulation of an inclusive community: creating a sustainable model of collaborative services using the university as a core resource” as part of Supported by MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities.
On the basis of this research, since 2013 we have been carrying out “Translational Studies for Inclusive Society” as an institute-wide project. This project was also accepted by Supported by MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities and is expected to create a new foundation for research at Ritsumeikan University.


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