My project promotes the cognitive rehabilitation for the elderly through the verbal reading and computations. The elderly in the community near the university area are mainly focused. As a management committee member, I give the assistance to the elderly from the different approaches including providing the community supporters and conducting the capacity building of those community supporters.
Recently, the project area has been expanded to communities outside the university in a cooperation with the Kita ward administrative and the Sakyo ward Community Care and Prevention Promotion Center in the Kyoto city and others.

Education and Professional Career

2006 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Science for Human Services 2006–2012 Visiting Fellow at Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Science for Human Services 2008 – 2012 School Counselor, Education board, Kyoto Prefecture 2008 – 2012 Part-time professor, Speech Therapy Course at Osaka Isen 2008 – 2009 School Counselor, Education board, Kagawa Prefecture 2010 - 2012 part-time professor at faculty of sociology, Ryukoku University 2010 – 2012 School Counselor, Education board, Kyotabe city 2011 Ryukoku University teacher-training course, part-time professor

Field of Specialization, Area of Research

The elderly Cognitive rehabilitation Human Services Community development clinical psychology

Research Achievements

Academic papers

Ishikawa, Mariko. and Yoshida, Hajime“Impact on improvement of children problem solving skill by repetitivelearning with simple materials”, Ritsumeikan Human Science Research13th; P31-39, February 2007.No refered. Katagiri, Atsushi. Ishikawa, Mariko. and Yoshida, Hajime.“The Impact on the Children with a Mild Mental Disability by a Conduct of Verbal Reading, Computation, Writing: Intervention with the brain activities”, Ritsumeikan Human Science Research 12th; P1-10, September 2006, Referred


Ishikawa, Mariko., Qin Sun, Yoshida, Hajime., Tsuchida, Nobuaki., Okawa, Ichiro., Takahashi, Nobuko., Miyata Masako., Yoshimura, Masako., and Sakaguchi, Yoshie. “Research on the Change of Communication with the Supporters: Supporting the learning activities”at Japan elderly action science forum in Aomori, 14th(Aomori) Program P59. October 9th, 2011 Shuzhen Lin, Ichirou Ohkawa, Hajime Yoshida, Noriaki Tsuchida, Qin Sun, Mariko Ishikawa, Masako Miyata, Nobuko Takahashi, Chiyoji Hakoiwa, Yoshie Sakaguchi, Masako Yoshimura, Keisuke Furuhashi, Takashi Kawanabe, Yoshihiro Nakamura (September 28th, 2010)“Effects of Cognitive Training Activity on Community-dwelling Older Adults Pariticipants’ Psychological Well-being” at the IPA 2010 International Meeting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain



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