The importance of history of science is to reconstruct the historical story that was constructed by insiders of that field. This challenge makes it possible to change the cognitive form of researchers in that field and to lead them to new direction of research. In phycology filed, it is “low-value of applied psychology”.
This project will research the historical debate that was held in 1909 U. S. between Hugo Münsterberg who is a first director of applied psychology laboratory in Harvard university and John Henry Wigmore who was father of evidence law in U. S as law scholar.

Education and Professional Career

2012 Ph.D (literature, Ritsumeikan University) 2013 Senior researcher, Ritusmeikan Global Innovation Research Organization 2014 Assistant Professor, Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of Letter

Field of Specialization, Area of Research

Law and Psychology, History of Psychology, Social Psychology

Research Achievements

Academic papers

Goodman-Delahunty, J. & Wakabayashi, K (2012). Adversarial Forensic Science Experts: An Empirical Study of Jury Deliberations, Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 24(1), 85-103



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