Studies for Inclusive Society 14 (published: March 2016) Public Health Systems in Japan and England: The First UK-Japan Conference on Public Health System (in Japanese)


Elderly Adults' Return Inhibition of SRC Tasks(2) : An Examination Focused on Incompatible Conditions SUN Qin, YOSHIDA Hajime, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, OHKAWA Ichirou (1)
The Functional Similarities and Differences between the Person Information and the Situational Information for the Social Prediction ORITA Ryo, YAGI Yasuki (9)
Beyond the Confrontation between Special Education and Inclusive Education: Rethinking the Idea of “Development” NOZAKI Yasunobu (25)
Defining Stabilization of Romantic Relationship for Men during Ongoing Extrawarital Affairs : Theory Generation by Grounded Theory Approach MATSUMOTO Kensuke (43)
Effects of Memory for Phonological Information on Short-term Memory for Order in Elderly and Aged People TOGA Miyuki, MORU Sachiyo, HOSHINO Yuji (57)
Nursery School Teachers' Impression of Preschoolers' Clumsiness: In Relation to M-ABC SHIBUYA Ikuko (67)
The Present Condition and Problems of Community Interpreters Involved in the Support System for Returnees from China : A Study of Interpreter’s Roles IIDA Namiko (75)
The Development of Behavioral Regulation and the Role of Speech during Sustained Attantion : On the Sustained-grasping Task with both the Left and Right Hand Together MAEDA Asuka (89)
L'acte d'enfant sans vie(Certificate of Child without Life)in Modern France : Consideration on the “Viability” of a Fetus, and its Medical and Civil Status YAMAMOTO Yumiko (103)
The Transformation of Discorse about Public Bath in the Meiji to Taisho Eras from the View Point of Hygiene and Social Welfare KAWABATA Miki (119)
Generation and Transformation of QOL Concept in Rehabilitation Studies of Japan TAJIMA Akiko (133)
Practical Research
How Parents Support for HIKIKOMORI Children at Home: The Results of a Parents' Workshop UEDA Yoko (147)
Study Notes
The Investigation of the Roles of Conventionality and Language Development in Young Children’s Shared Pretend Play KATAYAMA Nobuko, TAKADA Kaoru, SHIBUYA Ikuko, YOSHIMOTO Tomoko, KAWANABE Takashi, TAKAGI Kazuko (163)
Analysis of Weblog Articles on the Case of Abandonment of a Female Child in Togane City UEMURA Akihiro, SATO Tatsuya (173)


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