Studies for Inclusive Society 11 (published: March 2016) Disability/Society: Seminar Reports on Systems/Policies concerning Survival 2 (in Japanese)


The Imagery Breathing Technique and the Muscle Relaxation Technique Compared through Temporary Mood Scale TOKUDA Kanji (1)
The Effects of Processing for Beauty and Likability Rating by Facial Recognition Memory MITSUHIRO Kanako, KIHARA Kayoko (13)
Infl uence of Reading Aloud and Performing Simple Arithmetic on ADL in the Patients with the Aged with Dementia YOSHIDA Hajime, TAMAI Satoshi, OHKAWA Ichirou, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, TAJIMA Nobumoto, KAWASHIMA Ryuta, TAIRA Masato, SUGIMOTO Koji (23)
Practical Research
What are the Technology and Knowledge for the Lives of ALS Patients? : Focusing on the Case Example of Peer Support. HIDAKA Tomoo, MIZUKI Shodo, SATO Tatsuya, MATSUBARA Yoko (33)
The Function and Maintenance of the Self-Management Using Memory Note in Experience Training MATSUDA Koichiro, MOCHIZUKI Akira (49)
Report on Support Clinical Practice of ‘Reproduction and Medical Care’ Surrounding Sterility and Psychology  〜Socialized Silent Minority〜 ARAKI Akiko (63)
Study Notes
Cognitive Development in School Age Children: Focusing on the Turning Point of Development around the Ages of 9 and 10 Years TAKEUCHI Yoshiaki (77)
The Effect of Collaborative Manual for the Person with Visually Disability and Sighted Partners on Computer Operation IKEDA Saori, MOCHIZUKI Akira (87)


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