Studies for Inclusive Society 6 (published: March 2015) The Logic and Grounds of the Support for the Male Caregiver (in Japanese)


Practical Research
The effect of reading aloud and calculation for a mild mental retardation child. ─The intervention taken into consideration of brain activities─ KATAGIRI Atsushi, ISHIKAWA Mariko, YOSHIDA Hajime (1)
Attempts to establish chronic aphasiac patients live in communities From the standpoint of Behavioral QOL YASUI Misuzu, MOCHIZUKI Akira (11)
Research Note
European and German Culture from a Historical and Present Day Viewpoint at Seminars for General Knowledge Gabriele Christ-Kagoshima (27)
The Relation between Perceived Distances and Methods of Measurement on Depth Perception to Human Figures in Photographic Images TAKEZAWA Tomomi (33)
Training of Youth Worker and Developing Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Skills ─Case Study of a Programme of St. Martin’s College, Lancaster─ ENDO Yasuko, MIZUNO Atsuo (45)
Brief report of treatment and education for children with autism in China ZHANG Rui, ARAKI Hozumi (55)
Public Lecture
Trajectory and Equifinality Model (TEM): How can psychology’s methodology become tuned in to the reality of the human development variations? SATO Tatsuya (65)
Book Review
A Review of Kam Louie’s Asian Masculinities: The Meaning and Practice of Manhood in China and Japan NAKAMURA Tadashi (77)
A Guidance for your contribution to Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences MOCHIZUKI Akira (79)


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