Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.36 [Vol.52] (published:Jun 2017)


Economic Philosophy of Public Assistance Additional Payments: Examination of Equity,Needs, Self-reliance MURAKAMI Shinji (1)
The Effect of the Visualization Tool for Saiban-in’s Understanding of Statements in Criminal Cases YAMADA Saki, SATO Tatsuya (15)
The Utility of a Research Model to Understand the Process of Psychotherapy OKAMOTO Naoko (33)
Congruity of Impression of Faces and Occupations in Person Cognition KIHARA Kayoko, ORITA Ryo, YAGI Yasuki (47)
The Objectives of Social Welfare: Consideration through the Life Concept MORIAI Shinichi (59)
Lived Experience of HIKIKOMORI and Their Conflicts OKABE Akane, AOKI Hidemitsu, HUKAYA Hirokazu, SAITO Mao (67)
Treatment of Stillborn Fetal Corpse in Contemporary France YAMAMOTO Yumiko (81)
Practical Research
A Method for Analyzing with Trajectory Equifinality Model ARAKAWA Ayumu, YASUDA Yuko, SATO Tatsuya (95)
Study Notes
Typological Approaches toward the Concept of Depression by Using a Bootstrap Techniqu KAWAMOTO Shizuka, KOSUGI Koji (109)
List of Contributors (115)
About the “Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences” (117)


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