Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.26 [Vol.42] (published:Mar 2013)


A Longitudinal Three Year Study about Changes in the Short-Term Memory and Working Memory of Healthy Elderly Adults SUN Qin, YOSHIDA Hajime, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, OHKAWA Ichirou (1)
Mental Support for the Parents of Children with Developmental Disorders: The Efficacy of the ACT Workshop SUGANO Akiko, TANI Shinji (9)
A Study on a Perspective on a Candidate, Value and Emotion of “MOE” MATSUBARA Norika, SATO Tatsuya (21)
Differences of Expectations for Care in Old Age of Elderly Women Due to Differences of Their Resources: Focusing on Differences of Class, Resource Transfers, and Life Courses TANIMURA Hitomi (35)
The Development of Symbolic Function and Play in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders ARAI Yoko, ARAKI Hozumi (47)
Understanding Sharing Styles of Performing Roles in Family: An Analysis in Relation to the Satisfaction and Fairness Judgments NAMEDA Akinobu, SATO Tatsuya (63)
A Study of Care for the Nonprofessional Supporters During Large Regional Disaster FUKAYA Hirokazu, YAMAMOTO Kohei (77)
Practical Research
Movement-centered Support for Children with Difficulties in Group Activities SHIBUYA Ikuko, SHOTOKU Zin, FUJII Naoko, NAKAMURA Tomomi, SASAI Hisashi, TARUTANI Yuri, YOSHIMOTO Yuriko (89)
Immediate Access to Digital Text Files Converted from Printed Books for Students with Print Disabilities at University Libraries MATSUBARA Yoko, UEMURA Kaname (99)
Reproductive Treatment and Foster Parents / Adoptive Parents: Practice Research by the Local Family Support Network ARAKI Akiko (111)
List of Contributors (125)
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