Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.1 [Vol.17] (published:Mar 2001)


Clinical Knowledge of Nurses at Long‑term Care Health Facilities of Illness Onset for the Elderly YAMADA Yuki (1)
The Significance for Psychiatric Nurses in the Practice of Work Therapy and Habit Training: The Analysis of Practical Reports during 1950’s and 1960’s in Japan ABE Akane (15)
A Life Story of a Mother Who Has a Son with Schizophrenia: Living Her Life with Ambivalent Feeling AOKI Hidemitsu (31)
“Trial over the DENTSU‑Overwork‑Suicide” as the Trigger of Agenda: A Sociological Study on Constitution of the Social Problem over Preventive Measures against Suicide in Japan TANAKA Keiko (47)
Narratives and Life Histories of Elderly Deaf People KAI Sarasa (61)
Psychology of Public Relations and Public Relations of Psychology: The Popularization of Psychology by Edward L. Bernays SHINOGI Ryo (75)
Study Notes
A Preliminary Study of Life Style and Mental Health in University Students: On Life Style, Resilience and Sleep TOKUDA Kanji (91)
Moderating Processes of Psychological Distance for Ease of Retrieval Effects ORITA Ryo (101)
Rumors of Foretelling Earthquakes on Social Media after the Great East Japan Earthquake UEMURA Akihiro and SATO Tatsuya (113)
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