Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.2 [Vol.18] (published:Dec 2001)


ACT Workshop for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities (*in English) TANI Shinji, KAWAI Etuko and KITAMURA Kotomi (1-11)
The Potential of Skype for Severely Disabled People with Lalopathy: Toward a Society with Greater Choice TENBATA Daisuke, MURATA Keiichi, SHIMADA Takuro and INOUE Eriko (13-26)
Establishment of the Japan National Group of Mental Disabled People: A History of Self‑help Groups for Psycho‑socially Disabled People in Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo KIRIHARA Naoyuki and HASEGAWA Yui (27-40)
“Limit” of Special Needs Education and “Vague” of Inclusive Education: Present Conditions and Problem of the Education of Physically and Mentally Disabled Children Policy ARIMATSU Ryo (41-54)
Disaster Relief Activities by Students after the Great East Japan Earthquake SAKURAI Masanari (55-65)
Discovering the Socially Vulnerable and Incapable Left Behind in Communities: History of a Case Showing How Aging Issues Became Dominant in Urban buraku YANO Ryo (67-83)
Examining the Mechanism of Consultation Support Services over Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities Act: Exploring the Direction of Future Consultation Services HASEGAWA Yui and KIRIHARA Naoyuki (85-97)
Study Notes
Minds Generated by Cultural Signs and Cultural Contexts: Combatting Harmful Rumors after the Great East Japan Earthquake KIDO Ayae and SATO Tatsuya (115-126)
Developmental Changes in Reaction to Parental Expectations: A Retrospective Study Based on Questionnaire Surveys KASUGA Hideaki, UTSUNOMIYA Hiroshi and SATO Tatsuya (127-136)
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