Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.3 [Vol.19] (published:Mar 2002)


Editorial The New Editorial and Peer Review Policies MATSUDA Ryozo (1)
Effects of Elderly People’s Cognitive Aspects Coming from Trust to Self and Others on Being Deceived YAMASAKI Yuko, NAKA Makiko, ISHIZAKI Chikage and SATO Tatsuya (3)
Study on the Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Their Families in China ZHANG Rui (19)
Support for Marital Relationships during the Perinatal Period: A Qualitative Study on the Practice Carried Out by Midwives at Birthing Centers KOJIMA Rieko (35)
The Records of the Injuries and Movement Target of the Problem Y: What Did Y Movement Target? KIRIHARA Naoyuki (49)
Arising the Educational Difficulties of Students Needing ‘Medical Care’ in Regular School: From the Perspective of Their Parents as Tojisya (the Party Involved) YAGI Shin’ichi (65)
Factors That Determine Citizens’ View on Capital Punishment YAMASAKI Yuko, ISHIZAKI Chikage and SATO Tatsuya (81)
Trends and Issues of Studies Concerning Lifestyles and the Mental Health of Japanese University Students TOKUDA Kanji (95)
Practical Research
The Local Community and the Difficulties of Young People Living on the Goto Islands: Designing Community Development Allowing the Participation of Young People with Societal Difficulties OKABE Akane, AOKI Hidemitsu, FUKAYA Hirokazu and YAMAMOTO Kohei (111)
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