Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.6 [Vol.22] (published:Nov 2003)


■Original Articles
The Working Conditions of Visually Disabled Teachers: Constructing an Effective Support System NAKAMURA Masaya (1)
Teachers’ Support for the Students Who Have Experienced School Non-attendance: Constructing a Trans-viewed Model from Field Work at an Alternative School KANZAKI Mami, Sato Tatsuya (15)
The Effects of Mood on Performance in a Visual Search Task with Navon Figures MURAKAMI Takashi (33)
The Effect of a Defendant’s Nationality and Verdict Outcome on Citizen Judges’ Decision NAKATA Yuki, SATO Tatsuya (45)
■Practical Research
Career Development Process and Identity of School Teachers: A Case Study of Teachers at a Private School MORIMOTO Kotaro (65)
■Practice & Discussion
A Roll-Play Case Study Focusing on Cognitive Aspects of Patient Experience: A Trial Concerning the Education of Psychotherapy Beginners TOKUDA Kanji (77)
Practice and Discussion about Hirameki ☆ Tokimeki Science “Let’s Come to a Moot Court and Participate in a Trial” YAMASAKI Yuko, SATO Tatsuya, INABA Mitsuyuki, SAITO Shinya, TOKUNAGA Rumi, YASUDA Yuko, UEMURA Akihiro, KIDO Ayae, WAKABAYASHI Kosuke, NAMEDA Akinobu, YAMADA Saki, KAWAMOTO Shizuka, NAKATSUMA Takuya, KASUGA Hideaki, KANZAKI Mami, NAKATA Yuki, YAMAGUCHI Yoshie (87)
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