Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.16 [Vol.32] (published:Feb 2008)


From the Desk of the New Editor MATSUBARA Yoko
■Original Articles
Legal and Psychological Approach to Theories of Negative Prescription and Damages: For Victim Support in Damage Compensation Demands MATSUMOTO Katsumi (3)
The Controversy between Hugo Münsterberg and John Henry Wigmore in the Early History of American Forensic Psychology: Contrasting Professionalism and Public Appeal SHINOGI Ryo (15)
The Policy Process of Japan’s 1987 Mental Health Act: The Political Activities of Interest Groups KIRIHARA Naoyuki (29)
The Process of Developing Collective Identity of Mothers whose Children are Disabled: The Origin of Social Movement in Ena Region, Japan, from 1970s to 1980s, through Text-analysis of Essays in Kayanomi SHINOHARA Makiko (45)
■Practice & Discussion
Immigrant Children's Right to Learn and Digital Textbook Policy in Japan OZAWA Wataru (63)
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