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Massage from the Project Leader

 After The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, Ritstumeikan University Graduate School of Science for Human Service started our 10 year project “East Japan Family Support Project” in four prefectures in Tohoku. The project is centered around Shiro Dan's family manga exhibition. His manga does not directly depict the disaster but someone's precious little story may awaken your memories and remind you of the connections you have with people around you. At the same time, you may feel connected with someone in the story that you have never met before.
  Many unexpected things happen in life. Even without you knowing, people have always encountered troubles and have overcome them. You probably have too. When you encounter troubles in life, it may help you keep the light of hope to remember that people care for each other and live resiliently with kindness. If you are experiencing a hardship right now, remind yourself of a connection you may have with someone somewhere, even if you have never met that person.
  The aim of this project is to remind ourselves of the human connections, and to gather our wisdom and resiliency in overcoming hardships. It is a project in which we layer our hearts and exchange memories for our future.
RIGHT: Project Leader
Kuniko Muramoto
Professor, Ritsumeikan University


Exhibition in Sanjo Station

Date From June-27th to July-5th, 2015
Venue Sanjo Station, Keihan Railway (Kyoto-shi)
Language Some of the manga will be translated in English.

Web Exhibition

Date From June-24th, 2015 to May-30th, 2016
URL http://cocoro-kasanaru.jp/eng/index.html
Language ALL manga can be found in English.

This Project is…

  • “”Hosted” by Graduate School of Science for Human Services, Ritsumeikan University & Institute of Human Sciences, Ritsumeikan University.
  • “”Cooperated” by Keihan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd. & HONBLOCK.
  • “”Sponsored” by JR‐West Relief Foundation.


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