Studies for Inclusive Society 15 (published: March 2016) Translational Studies for Inclusive Society (in Japanese)


The Validity of Temporary Mood Scale TOKUDA Kanji (1)
How the Concept of “Equal Relationship” is Understood between Social Workers and the Users of Mental Health and Welfare Services : Based on Group Interviews with Social Workers and Service Users MINO Koji (7)
The Effects of Mental Representations on the Relationship between Narcissistic Personality and Subjective Well-Being WATANABE Takuya (19)
Development of Alternating Bimanual Regulation and the Role of Speech: On the Alternating Hand Grasping Task between Left and Right Hands MAEDA Asuka (29)
The Effect of Parental Expectation on University Student's Self-Esteem:Focusing on Children's Reaction KASUGA Hideaki, UTSUNOMIYA Hiroshi (45)
Independent Living for Patients Needing Care with Worsening Symptom of Disease: Hospital Support for an ALS Patient Living Alone HASEGAWA Yui (57)
Understanding Communications of an ALS Patient Using Visual Ethnography ADACHI Shunsuke, SATO Tatsuya, HIDAKA Tomoo (73)
Practical Research
Increased Tact by a Mildly Intellectually Disabled Student through Photography LIM Hyunjung, NAKASHIKA Naoki, MOCHIZUKI Akira (87)
Study Notes
A Sports NGO as an Actor in Development Assistance : The Example of the Zimbabwe Baseball Society ISHIHARA Toyokazu (97)


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