Studies for Inclusive Society 13 (published: March 2016) The Program Development of the Care and Education with Diversity and Independence for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (in Japanese)


The Characteristics of the Muscle Relaxation Technique and the Imagery Breathing Technique: Comparison through Two Questionnaires TOKUDA Kanji (1)
Views of Current Child-care Workers and Trainees ─ A Comparison of Kindergartens: Nursery School Teachers and Students in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area TAKADA Kaoru, YAMASHITA Kumi (13)
Effects of the Failure in the Adaptation to the Foreign Culture on the Mental Health of Adolescents 〜Considering from the Practical Cases of the Cross-cultural Counseling in United States〜 SAKATA Maho, HIROI Ryoichi (21)
Practical Research
Interventional Study on How Dementia Elderly People's Changing Process in Three Years ─Examinations Focused on MMSE and FAB─ SUN Qin, YOSHIDA Hajime, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, OHKAWA Ichirou (31)
Social Support for Informal Caregivers of Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): Care Characteristics and Caregiver Views ISHIKAWA Junko, FUJI Nobuko (41)
Study Notes
Applying Teaching Recordings Using Task Analysis for Employment Support NAKASHIKA Naoki, MOCHIZUKI Akira (53)
How Children Perceived their Hometown from the Viewpoint of Local Environmental Interaction MIZUKI Shodo, MINAMI Hirofumi (65)
Time in Life and Life in Time: Between Experiencing and Accounting SATO Tatsuya, VALSINER Jaan (79)
Semantic Memory Retrieval in Causal Reasoning and its Implications HATTORI Ikuko (93)


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