Studies for Inclusive Society 9 (published: January 2016) A Person Develops Forever: 15 Years in the Project for the Aged at the Ritsumeikan University (in Japanese)


Awareness about Aging and Future Perspective among Adolescent Women UTSUNOMIYA Hiroshi (1)
A Support Setting for Enhancing Behavioral QOL in the Elderly with Dementia of Alzheimer Type _ The Effects of the Opportunities of Choice-making on Actions _ MURAKAMI Katsutoshi, MOCHIZUKI Akira (9)
Analysis of IT-supported Communication Opportunities for ALS Patients HIDAKA Tomoo, MIZUKI Shodo, SATO Tatsuya, MATSUBARA Yoko (25)
Practical Research
The Effect which Nicotine Dependence has on Substitutability in the Selection of Cigarettes NAKA Katsuyuki (39)
The Statements Analysis of Nabari Poison Wine Incident 2. Mr. Okunishi’s Communication Pattern and His Prompt of False Confessions WAKINAKA Hiroshi (47)
Study Note
A Non-governmental Organization for the Crime Victims’ Support _ A Report on a Visit to the Crime Victims’ Center of Chester County, Inc _ KOYAKE Risa (115)
Examination of Approving Conditions of Surrogacy _ Overcoming the Instrumentalization of the Body by Caring _ SADAOKA Minobu (127)
An Attempt to Conduct ALS Patient Meetings Using the Internet MATSUBARA Yoko, MIZUKI Shodo, HIDAKA Tomoo, SATO Tatsuya (141)
Public Lecture
Psychological Fundamentals in Studies on the Science for Human Services MATSUDA Takao (157)


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