Studies for Inclusive Society 5 (published: March 2015) Disability/Society: Seminar Reports on Systems/Policies concerning Survival (in Japanese)


Distortion of Perceptual Judgments Resulted from the Intervention of Conceptual Criteria: Two Experiments on the Taste Evaluation MATSUDA Takao (1)
Volunteer Coordinator as Community Worker: An Analysis of the Intractable Cases SAKURAI Masanari (13)
Research Note
Psychology Must Be “Scientific”? : Discussions Based on the Conflict between Qualitative and Quantitative Psychology and the Relationship between Knowledge and Society ARAKAWA Ayumu (29)
Health Problems in Sign Language Interpreter and Its Support: Implications and Tasks from the View Point of Demand- control Theory YOSHIOKA Masako (37)
A Preliminary Study to Introduce the Japanese Language Version of the MTRR/MTRR-I: Multidimensional Assessment of Trauma Impact, Recovery and Resilience MURAMOTO Kuniko (49)
Japanese Contemporary Literature and “Moe” YAMAMOTO Takeshi (61)
Practical Research
The Emergence of “Numeral-quantity Relations” Using Sequence Production in a Student with Intellectual Disabilities SAKAMOTO Maki and MUTO Takashi (73)
A Support for a School Boy with Traumatic Brain Injury: To Figure Mathematic Tasks NAKAYAMA Eiji, FUJI Nobuko (85)
Orange Dictionary: A Collaborative Web-Database for Technical Terms SEKIMOTO Masako, MIZOGUCHI Hiroya, MIYAURA Takashi, MOCHIZUKI Akira (101)
On the Formation of the Functional “Demand for Instruction” in an Aphasia Student NIU Takuya, YASUI Misuzu, MOCHIZUKI Akira (111)


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