Studies for Inclusive Society 4 (published: October 2014) Cooperation between Academia and Social Practices in Human Services (in English)


The study of the relations between the acquiring process of “Theory of Mind Mechanism” and the developing process on symbolic play —The autistic children are compared with young children— TATSUTA Sayoko (1)
A Study for a Family of Children with Disabled KAWANO Nozomi (15)
A Review of Research into Pretend Play for Children with Autism INOUE Yohei (29)
Definitions and assessments of creativity based on creative products YOSHIDA Yasushi (41)
A Conceptual Analysis of “Hyperactivity” from a View Point of Behavioral Variability: Some Implications of Supports for Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (Part Ⅲ) MUTO Takashi (57)
A study on the needs of mothers rearing infants and social support SAKURADANI Mariko (69)
A Pilot Study for Exploring the Processes of Cooperation in Preschoolers’ Play: Possibilities of Observing Group Sand Play SHIBATA Naomine (81)
A Study of the Support System for Young School Students —Analysis of “The Team Conference” in R Junior-Senior High School— TAKAGAKI Chuichiro (91)
Why do people take and look at photographs? Psychological research based on interviews with thirteen university students ARAKAWA Ayumu (101)


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