Studies for Inclusive Society 2 (published: March 2014) Law and Human Science as a New Trans-disciplinary Area (in Japanese)


Special Issues
Study of life-history IKEDA Yoshiaki (1)
The method of studying a life-history IKEDA Yoshiaki (3)
The background of the original thoughts formation in Kitaro Nishida IKEDA Yoshiaki (13)
“Ethos” In Nishida’s philosophy and the logic of his ontology NISHIKAWA Tomio (23)
Altered states of consciousness and psychological process of Zen enlightenment experience SAITO Toshimasa (45)
The problem of God in Nishida Kitaro ARIFUKU Kougaku (55)
The pure experience of Kitaro Nishida HAYASHI Nobuhiro (65)
Nishida and greek philosophy KUSAKABE Yoshinobu (75)
The religious view of Nishida’s last years YAMASHITA Hidetomo (85)
The reflectiveness and the breaking — The metaphor of mirror in Nishida’s Bashyo KAKUNI Takashi (97)
A philosopher and his way of life — “Take no sweets!” and “Don’t smoke!” in Nishida Kitaro’s diary — FUKUI Masami (107)
Mirror of essence and mirror of God (1/2) — Hegel and Leibniz in the philosophy of Nishida ONISHI Mitsuhiro (121)
Unoke and Kanazawa — The birthplaces of Nishida Kitaro’s philosophy — FUKUI Masami (131)
Related literature FUKUI Masami (141)
“Logic of children” and “Logic of subject matters”: Effect of an instructional intervention on understanding ratio concepts based upon children’s informal knowledge YOSHIDA Hajime, KAWANO Yasuo (145)
The differential fan effects in recognition memory: Interference or mental models HOSHINO Yuji (155)
Influence of aspect ratio and size of photographs on their rated impressions OHNAKA Yukiko, TAKEZAWA Tomomi, MATSUDA Takao (171)
Grief work and eating disorder — ‘ORIZURU’ work as transitional subject — SAKANASHI Saeko, TADAI Toshiaki (187)
The aporia of care — A theoretical genealogy of care — SAITO Mao (199)
A general framework of interventional study in cognitive rehabilitation for the elderly. YOSHIDA Hajime, OOKAWA Ichiro, TUCHIDA Noriaki (211)
A support and education for parents of children with disabilities : On problems of siblings of children with disabilities MOROZUMI Masako (225)
Workshop: Theory and praxis of parenting education — The possibility of parenting education in Japan — KOJIMA Rieko, SAITO Mao (237)
Public Lecture
An acceptance and institutionalization of psychology in modern Japan SATO Tatsuya (247)


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