Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.11 [Vol.27] (published:Mar 2006)


Reflecting on My Four Years as Editor-in-chief MATSUDA Ryozo (1)
■Original Articles
The Experience and Meaning of Disability for Visually Disabled Teachers: With a Focus on their Relations with Students NAKAMURA Masaya (3)
Changes in the Social Consciousness on Gastrostomy for the Elderly: An Analysis of Newspaper Articles between 1994 and 2012 SUGISHIMA Yuko (19)
Self-Control in Joseph Jastrow's Popularization of Psychology SHINOGI Ryo (35)
Examining the Minutes of an Ad-hoc Committee on the Introduction of Additional Discharge Fees for Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs): Consequences of the Lack of Argument about Transitioning to Home Care KONNO Hiroshi (55)
A Study for Program Development of Treatment and Education for Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Early Adolescence: The Role of the Staff ARAKI Kuriko, SHIGETOMI Saki, FUJIWARA Satsuki, NAKAGAWA Makiko, NOMURA Tomo, ARAKI Michiko, TAKEUCHI Yoshiaki and ARAKI Hozumi (69)
The Meaning of Transitional Acts in Selecting and Wearing Clothing: Research through Interviews with Female University Students KIDO Ayae, ARAKAWA Ayumu,SUZUKI Tomohiro and YAZAWA Mikako (85)
■Practical Research
Effects on the Method of Project-based Learning in English Education at the University Level: Focusing on Nurturing Learners’ Autonomy and Motivation YAMANAKA Tsukasa (105)
English Bibliobattle as an Opportunity to Generate a Self-learning Process KONDO Yukie, OGA Mayumi and YAMASHITA Miho (117)
The Study of the Program Development for the Treatment and Education of Early Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Fostering Autonomy and Cooperation KAGAMIHARA Takafumi, YAMAJI Minami, KOBAYASHI Riho, MATSUMOTO Yu, ARAKI Hozumi and TAKEUCHI Yoshiaki (131)
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