Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.23 [Vol.39] (published:Jul 2011)


■Original Articles
The Social Barriers for Persons with Disabilities to Become Teachers in Today’s School Systems: Narratives of Teachers with Visual Disabilities Who Took Employment Examinations in Braille NAKAMURA Masaya (1)
“The Missing Link” in Japanese Home Help History: Focused Attention on Social Phases in the 1970s SASO Tomohisa (19)
Historical Study on School Social Work and School Welfare Practice: Analysis of Practice against Juvenile Delinquents and Problem Behavior NAKANISHI Shin (35)
Proposal of Discussion Pattern in Japanese Citizen Judge System: Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis KOSAKA Yuki, YAMASAKI Yuko, ISHIZAKI Chikage, NAKATA Yuki, WAKABAYASHI Kosuke and SATO Tatsuya (49)
■Practice & Discussion
Translational Human Services Research: Achieving a More Active and Systematic Collaboration between Research and Practice MATSUDA Ryozo (69)
■Public Lecture
Causes of Wrongful Convictions and the Significance of the Innocence Movement Garrett, Brandon L.
SASAKURA, Kana(trans.)
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