Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.24 [Vol.40] (published:Dec 2011)


■Original Articles
Analysis of the Experience of the Family of the Child with a Disability who Came to Have Difficulty in Use of the Respite Service that Utilized Facilities: Aim to Dispatch Type Service that Dealing Suggest KONNO Hiroshi (1)
A Study Concerning the Care Situation of Young Family Caregivers of ALS Patients in Korea: Focusing on the Case of an (Adult) Daughter Family Caregiver AHN Hyosuk (17)
A Review of the Controversy of Mass Newborn Screening in Japan: Focusing on Discussions of the Women’s Movement and Research on Monitoring Congenital Anomalies SASATANI Eri (33)
A Clockwork Orange and the Influence of It on the Images of Behaviorism: The Criticisms against Behavioristic Psychology and Behavior Therapy in 1960-70s SHINOGI Ryo (49)
Preliminary Research for Bias in the Fact Finding Process from the View of the Interrogation Techniques and Camera Angles YAMASAKI Yuko, YAMADA Naoko and IBUSUKI Makoto (67)
Empirical Research on Civil Judgment for the Inquest of Prosecution YAMASAKI Yuko, ISHIZAKI Chikage and SATO Tatsuya (81)
■Practical Research
Support for Mothers of Children with Developmental Delays: An Approach Using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) FURUKAWA Kokoro (93)
■Practice & Discussion
Can Spontaneous Trait Inferences be Based on Spontaneous Motive Inferences? (*in English) TANIGUCHI Yuri and YAGI Yasuki (87)
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