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Research endeavor

These four units are a methodological continuum sharing a viewpoint of “a proposal on the options of measuring and eliminating potential danger in the societal environment”, while simultaneously constituting continuous phases of mutually functionally linked human services. The topic of each individual team shall be constructed so as to continually feed back into the issues shared by the entire project.

Able support

The able support unit shall deal with proposals for a scientific assessment of the potential dangers in the environment and for setting up a physical and human and environment in response to those, and for getting professors and support programs that generate “what is possible” for aid providers and aid recipients, and the basic data for those.
  • ・Educational clinic team
  • ・Elderly Team
  • ・Intelligent Image Processing Team
  • ・Disability Team

Alternative Choice Making

The Alternative Choice Making unit puts an emphasis on an environment of cooperation generated by Human Services. They therefore suggest expansion of choices for individuals that presupposing “catabolism” personal and societal resources, and command the expanse of Human Services for making symbiosis reality.
  • ・Barrier Free Team
  • ・Family Team
  • ・Child Team
  • ・Self Determination, QOL Team

Empowerment support

The empowerment support unit studies methods of support for raising “societal strength” in a person, and in various levels of support for that person, in regards to the human-social climate of the person themselves, and research focusing on organization formation and the administration thereof.
  • ・The CEHSOC (Citizen & Community Empowerment in Health and Social Care Project) Team
  • ・Community Team
  • ・M&A (Mindfulness & Acceptance) Team
  • ・Youth Service Team
  • ・Vietnam Special-needs Children Education/International Welfare Cooperation Team


The Advocacy Unit are concerned with performing personnel training and societal experiments on modern topics, and taking stock of leading edge topics in Human Services and doing research on the methods themselves at the meta level, where those topics are recorded. They are concerned with proposing to society a new morality and sense of rights that is connected with Human Services that include a historical point of view.
  • ・Clinical Sociology Team
  • ・Research Methods Development Team
  • ・Multicultural Care Team