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On this site we will be posting opinions in the form of essays on the “Science of Human Services” and the concept of the Human Services Research Center (HSRC) directed towards the construction thereof from the five perspectives of internal university researchers, domestic researchers, domestic practitioners, foreign researchers, and foreign practitioners. We would like to make this site a that opens the door for future cooperation with foreign researchers and research organizations. We are thinking that we would particularly like to pursue the possibility of new links and present conditions of Asian practitioners and researchers through this site. We would like to post a variety of material, such as comments on and evaluations of projects in progress and local efforts in various regions. We plan to post the material in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. While this site was started with funds from the “2005 Ritsumeikan University New Area Development Research Center New Frontiers Development Program,” we would also like to continue posting in the future to the extent possible. If researchers or practitioners of the world have some request or comment, please contact us the center with it.