Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No.31 [Vol.47] (published:Feb 2015)


■Original Articles     
The Importance of End-of-Life Medical Follow-Up Systems after Living Donor Liver Transplantation: A Case Study of a Change in a Donor’s Attitude from Positive to Negative towards Organ Transplantation   ICHINOMIYA Shigeko  (1) 
Characteristics of Nursing Practice Capability Drawn from Nurses’ Empirical Knowledge of Working at Long-term Care Health Facilities  YAMADA Yuki  (19) 
A Study of the Program Development for the Treatment and Education of Later Childhood and Early School-age Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Program Based on Group Activities Including Symbolic and Pretend Play  KASUGA Ayaka, FUJITO Mami, YASUDA Shoko, MATSUMOTO Risa, KOJIMA Taku, FURUTA Eri, TOMII Nanami, NAKAHARA Sakiko, ARAKI Michiko, TAKEUCHI Yoshiaki and ARAKI Hozumi  (35) 
■Practice & Discussion     
Newlyweds’ Psychological Adjustment and Marital Commitment Orientation  UTSUNOMIYA Hiroshi  (53) 
Accessible Digital Library for Students with Print Disabilities: Issues and Perspectives on Library Services in Universities of Japan  MATSUBARA Yoko  (65) 
Pediatricians’ Approach to Child Delivery: Treating Premature Infants Before and During World War II in Japan  YUI Hideki  (75) 
■Public Lecture     
Looking for a New Type of Human Supports  TANI Shinji  (83) 
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