Interview Technique Project (ITP)

Project Leader: YAMASAKI, Yuko (Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization Senior Researcher )span: 2016/1 - 2017/3

This project was made with two jurists in 2016 for studying “the bias on the fact finding process in the view of the interrogation techniques and camera angles”.

We conducted a mock trial to examine the influence of a combination of investigation technique (Lead type, which investigates the confession, vs. Peace model, which focuses on collecting information) and camera angle (only the suspect is in focus vs. both the suspect and investigator are in focus) on fact-finding. The results show that (1) the investigation using the Peace model was significantly higher in arbitrariness with respect to evaluation of confession, and in the ratio of guilty verdicts, (2) the camera angle that captured only the defendant was significantly higher in arbitrariness in the evaluation of the confession, and (3) even if a judge position joined a deliberation, the judgment bias due to the camera angle of the investigation picture was not corrected. Based on the results, we have suggested improvements to the current investigation techniques and camera angles used to record proceedings of an investigation. We plan to develop this study and examine appropriate investigation technique continuously.

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