French Offender Treatment Study

Project Leader: AIZAWA, Ikuo span: 2016/9 - 2017/3

 The purpose of this study is the construction of the penal system that enables the avoidance of detention and the gradual reinsertion of offenders. In the current Japanese system, the parole is sluggish and other rehabilitation measures for the prisoner, such as permission to go out and stay out overnight, are also not fully utilized. Parole rate is at about 50% and other measures are only several dozen. In addition, it has become clear that there are many socially vulnerable people who are low need for detention. However, in Japanese penal system, since the means to avoid the detention is limited, prison sentence without suspension is inevitably enforced. In order to solve these problem, the aim of this study is to propose a penal system necessary for the reintegration of offenders through a comprehensive research on the French penal system.

Project members

  • AIZAWA, Ikuo (Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization, Senior Researcher)







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