The project of general support for youth affairs

Project Leader: YAMAMOTO, Kohei (College of Social Sciences Professor )span: 2015/07 - 2018/03

Youth social work exist closely with youth work and school social work. These practices cover their needs in cooperation with each other. We have to examine their uniqueness and commonality of each practice because of their functioning effectively. This study clarifies the identity of youth social work. For the purpose of this, we confine some cases and communities and research young people, local residents and practitioners by focus group interview. Through these, we are able to perform an empirical study to observe their transformation and development. There are three important points to see these facts. These are :① developmental facts those young people experience ungraspable things in the community;② the community faces suffering and try to liberate from that;③ some movements to empower the government by core groups of NPO toward youth support. We pursue youth social work philosophy and methods through analyzing these facts, practices and movements.

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Research Center for Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University Ritsumeikan University
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