Psychological Research Project for Establishment of Employment and Independence Support for Unemployed People

Project Leader: FUJIMOTO, Manabu (Institute for Teaching and Learning Associate Professor )span: 2015/07 - 2020/03

In order to support homeless people’s employment and independence, we are currently engaged in the communication skill training that adopts the techniques of forum theater, under the psychological inspection system. However, there are a certain number of participants who have not obtained enough effects of training so far. This finding indicates that most of the participants such as homeless people and NEETs have psychological and developmental problems in a multiple manner. Nevertheless, the systematic support methodology according to their problems has not been established yet, and the inspection of the support’s effectiveness has not progressed yet either. In this situation, we should rush the support appropriate to their problems. Thus, in order to realize an inclusive society which embraces unemployed people, this project strives to identify the psychological factors preventing unemployed people from employment and independence and to establish the support methodology for solving their problems.

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Research Center for Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University Ritsumeikan University
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