Studies in cognitive bases to construct productive environment

Project Leader: HATTORI, Masasi (College of Comprehensive Psychology Professor )span: 2014/07 - 2016/03

How to construct a productive social environment that various people want to take part in as a legitimate participant? Noise, for example, in the field for production is usually a distracting factor, but it can contribute to improve working efficiency in some cases especially when completely novel conceptions or unconventional artistic ideas are required. Positive feeling is supposed to make it easier to capture peripheral information in environment and it in turn sometimes helps generate a good idea, while people can be lured by positive feeling to going into a bad idea in other cases. In this manner, the same particular factor can be either assistive or harmful depending on the context. Therefore it is important to reveal the function of a factor in relation to other factors. This project investigates complicated cognitive bases for productivity and tries to propose practical prescriptions in the field.

Project members


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