Project of Basic research on Youth Social Work

Project Leader: YAMAMOTO, Kohei (College of Social Sciences Professor )span: 2014/07 - 2016/03

In these days, a lot of studies about youth problem and supports for them are focused on the difficulties of the transition process from adolescence to adulthood and the ways to support it. Recently, handicaps of youth such as housing poverty and the chain of poverty have been revealed little by little. However, it seems that the analyses of living difficulties of the youth and related factors such as abuse or insufficiency of the support for disabilities are not enough. The main purpose of purpose of this project is to reveal living difficulties of youth and background of their difficulties such as cultural and social factors. In addition, we would like to raise a debate on youth social work in Korea and Japan. In this project, we will analyze the data getting from the interview to the supporters, and runaway-family youth themselves and Social Service Record. About the interviews we will request cooperation from some organizations that support runaway-family youth in Korea or Japan to collect those data.

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