Multidisciplinary collaboration Supports for low birth weight infants

Project Leader: YUI, Hideki (Institute of Human Sciences Visiting Researcher )span: 2014/07 - 2015/03

 Multidisciplinary collaboration support is required for low birth weight infants. First, to save infants lives, collaboration by obstetrics and pediatric professionals, including nurses and midwives, is needed. Second, to support infants’ health after leaving the hospital, collaboration between medical and public health professions is needed. Third, to prevent child abuse, collaboration among welfare, medical and public health professions is needed.
 To think about future multidisciplinary collaboration support for low birth weight infants, we address the following two points. First, we identify the obstacles for multidisciplinary collaboration by surveying discussions by professional groups and policy makings. Second, we evaluate the present situation of multidisciplinary collaboration and clarify the problems.
 For the first point, we address the period from the 1940s, when research into saving the lives of low birth weight infants began in earnest, to the 1970s, when neonatal intensive-care units (NICU) began to be established. For the second point, we identify the present situation and problems in collaboration between the obstetrics and pediatrics professions and between the medical and public health professions, especially in relation to infants admittance to NICUs and support for infants after leaving the hospitals.

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