Theme 5: Fundamental Research on Social Inclusion and Human Support

Project Leader: KOIZUMI, Yoshiyuki ()span: 2013/04 - 2016/03

In recent years, in fields such as medicine, welfare, clinical practice, education, labor, and economics, various discussions have occurred concerning social inclusion and exclusion. At the same time, under slogans such as “solidarity”, “cooperation”, “symbiosis”, and “common”, various research projects and practices have been developed. Various actors of society including industrial, administrative, academic, and private sectors have taken part in these efforts. Various institutions have been established and used. The research and practice of each team in this project can be placed within this broader movement.

A consensus seems to have been reached regarding the promotion of this movement, but when it is questiond how it should grasped, regulated, evaluated and observed, not even the debate and deliberation that should precede that consensus have been adequately conducted. Slightly optimistic evaluations on the one hand, and criticisms that seem slightly lacking in confidence on the other, only coexist side by side. Regarding the concept of “inclusion”, for example, its use and subject/object have been changing, but even these basic issues have not been sorted out. The same can be said of basic concepts that are seen as elements of fundamental theory such as “social justice” and “equality”.

To begin with, this team aims to properly grasp this movement for what it is. While placing each of this project’s teams within the context of this movement and examining them in this light, it works alongside them to further research and debate in this area.

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