Cognitive rehabilitation for elderly people living in local communities

Project Leader: TSUCHIDA, Noriaki (College of Comprehensive Psychology Professor )span: 2002/04 - 2016/03

This project is providing support for elderly people. Concretely, we are performing cognitive rehabilitation activities for elderly people living around the university. We have been examining the effects of communication activities, mainly reading aloud, and doing arithmetic, on the maintenance and improvement of cognitive functions. We have presented out data at various academic meetings. Furthermore, since last year, we have been attempting to apply this project to local communities in cooperation with the Community General Support Center of Sakyo Ward and Kita Ward office, in Kyoto City.

Project members


  • Yoshida, H., et al., Effect of performing arithmetic and reading aloud on memory tasks in the elderly. 29th International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, 2008/9.
  • Tsuchida, N., et al., Inhibitory function in stimulus-response compatibility task and aging. Berlin, 2008/9.
  • Yoshida, H., et al., Effect of reading aloud and arithmetic calculation on inhibitory function in the elderly, 25th International Psychogeriatrics, Osaka, 2007/9.
  • Yoshida, N., et al., Effects of reading aloud and performing simple arithmetic task on improvement of prefrontal lobe and cognitive function in the old with dementia. 26th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Spain, 2006/8

Grants and Supports

  • Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)







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