Theme 4: Research on Restorative Support for Inclusive Society

Project Leader: NAKAMURA, Tadashi (College of Social Sciences Professor )span: 2013/04 - 2016/03

The purpose of this project is pursuit theoretical model that seeks to reconstitute the connection between the judicial system and society through academic-practical collaboration centered around restorative justice.

It is an initiative that establishes the following individual research teams and, on the basis of the unified issue of restorative support, contributes a structure of research/practice collaboration for the sake of an inclusive society, the overarching task around which these individual efforts converge. The specific sub-themes are as follows:
① Research concerning informational justice regarding the judicial system and citizens/society.
② Psychological – sociological examination of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake’s legal remedies.
③ Research on comprehensive victim support through various aspects such as the role of legal clinics in victim support.
④ Pursuit of legal principles regarding the term of validity of PTSD from the perspective of the law and human sciences.
⑤Research on therapeutic jurisprudence and therapeutic community (establishment of theories and the creation of practical communities for rehabilitation according to the differences between deviant acts.
⑥ Theoretical research on legal psychological assessment that analyzes various needs, develops techniques and legal principles of psychological assessment, and conducts of research that can be put to use in restorative justice.

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