The Utility of Narrative Archives as Social Support

Project Leader: FUKUDA, Mari span: 2013/08 - 2014/03

The purpose of the project is to examine the possibility of social support using information archives, especially narrative archives. We firstly set up a study group on theories of social system and communication, and discuss the ways of communication that all people can share, exchange and refer to information. We then explore how it is possible to establish narrative archives for communication that are giving useful information to the people who are socially-isolated in some way and holding little or partial information for their life. We consider the possibility of social support that uses the narrative archives and works as a system of making people be or feel to be included in society.

Project members

  • FUKUDA, Mari (Kinugasa Research Organization・senior researcher)
  • NAMEDA, Akinobu (Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization・senior researcher)







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