Experimental research on career-support

Project Leader: NAKASHIKA, Naoki (College of Comprehensive Psychology Associate Professor )span: 2004 -

This project studies the seamless support for continuous carrier-up in individuals from the standpoint of “Behavior Analysis” and “the Science for Human Services.” The project constitutes three teams as follows; 1) Research for job-coaching: this team studies the method of job supporting mainly for the person (students and adults) with mental disabilities by the “Ritsumeikan Student Job-coach System (RSJC) ” in which graduate and under graduate students support the job training both in the college simulation shop (Café Rits: see photograph) and the community stores. 2) Research for Hikikomori: The team (First Step Job Group) conducts the practical study of support for the family with Hikikomori individual in which the family groups produce and share the job which Hikimori can start even if she/he is still in home. 3) Carrier support for college students and adults: This team research and develops the “Learner’s Science“ in which the students and company employers can handle the their own information for fulfillment of carrier-up through the behavioral coaching about self-management skills, e.g., making self-portfolio.

Café Rits: A simulation shop for carrier training in university

Project members

  • NAKASHIKA Naoki (College of Comprehensive Psychology, Carrier education)
  • ASANO Hiroshi (Institute for Teaching and Learning, Information share-system in school)
  • INUI Akinori (Ritsumeikan Grobal Innovation Reserch Organization, Research Assistant, Learner's Science)
  • TSUCHIDA Nao (Kinugasa Research Organization, Guest Resercher, Support for Hikikomori, Information sharing system in school)


Recent works


  • Mochizuki,A, (Ed) (2007) Psychology of Human Service. Asakura Shoten
  • Mochizuki,A., Sato,T., and Nakamura,T. (Eds) (2009) Keywords of the Science for Human Services. Koyo Shobou.
  • Mochizuki,A., Nakamura,T., Muto,T., and Sato, T. (Eds) (2010) The possibility of the Science for Human Services. Fukumura Shoten.

Grants and Supports

  • 1) Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization. (2010-)
  • 2) A Comprehensive and Proactive Simulation of an Inclusive Community: Creating a Sustainable Model of Collaborative Services Using the University as a Core Resource.(2010-2012)







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