Potential for cooperation between qualitative and quantitative research efforts in the humanities and social sciences

Project Leader: TSUTSUI, Junya

In contemporary sociology and related fields (including human services), cooperation between so-called “qualitative research” and “quantitative research” initiatives cannot be said to be proceeding smoothly; on the contrary, cases in which “quality” and “quantity” are examined separately predominate. With these circumstances in mind we will discuss what form a more fruitful research organization might take and engage in fundamental arguments concerning the nature of qualitative and quantitative research and how each method’s actual research practices ensure the validity of acquired knowledge.

Project members

  • TSUTSUI, Junya (Associate Professor, College of Social Sciences, project leader, Unification of research groups, analysis of quantitative research methods)
  • HIGUCHI, Koichi (Associate Professor, College of Social Sciences, assistant leader, Content analysis research)
  • SHIBATA, Yu (Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Science, Doshisha University, Analysis of quantitative research methods/analysis of methods employing macro data)
  • NAGATA, Atsumasa (Graduate school of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Analysis of qualitative research methods (unification and cultural anthropology/field work methodology)







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