Comparative Care Systems and Policies

Project Leader: MATSUDA, Ryozo (College of Social Sciences Professor )span: 2010/04 - 2016/03

Countries have developed systems to provide health, long-term and other types of care to those with diseases and with disabilities and handicaps. This research project investigates how care systems and policies have evolved and functioned from comparative perspectives.


Project members



  • Research seminar, "The Japanese and Dutch health policy changes in international comparative perspective"(16 November 2011) chaired by Professor James Warner Björkman with two presentations by Professor Kieke Okma (Wagner School of Public Services, New York University) and Professor Ryozo Matsuda (Institute of Human Sciences, Ritsumeikan University), on the 16th Nov 2011, at Ritsumeikan University.


  • Matsuda, R. (2011) Accumulation, Synthesis, and Share of Current Public Health Knowledge: Learning from policy development in the United Kingdom? Public Health. 75(9), 695-699[in Japanese].
  • Matsuda, R. (2011) Towards deliberative and reflective health policy making, in NIRA (2011) Reconciling Autonomy and Solidarity, Tokyo: NIRA, pp.77-92 [in Japanese].
  • Matsuda, R. (2010) Changes in responsibilities for health care and funding mechanisms by the 2006 health care reform. The Japanese journal of health and medical sociology 21(1), 1-8 [in Japanese].

Grants and Supports

  • "A Comprehensive and Proactive Simulation of an Inclusive Community" supported by the MEXT (FY2011-2012)
  • Political dynamics in health policy: choices in the UK NHS, funded by the JSPS(FY2008-2011)







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