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Current Projects

Institute-wide Research Project (2013-2015)

Research Fields leader term
Theme 1: Methodological Studies for Translational Research in Human Support MATSUDA, Ryozo 2013/04 - 2016/03
Theme 2: Research on Proactive Support for Inclusive Society TSUCHIDA, Noriaki 2013/04 - 2016/03
Theme 3: Research on Escorted Support for Inclusive Society TANI, Shinji 2013/04 - 2016/03
Theme 4: Research on Restorative Support for Inclusive Society NAKAMURA, Tadashi 2013/04 - 2016/03
Theme 5: Fundamental Research on Social Inclusion and Human Support KOIZUMI, Yoshiyuki 2013/04 - 2016/03

2015 Exploratory Research Projects

Project leader term
A reconstruction of the theory of damages on civil liability from aspects of law and psychology MATSUMOTO, Katsumi 2015/07 - 2016/03
Contemporary History of Inclusive Education TATEIWA, Shinya 2015/07 - 2016/03
Psychological Research Project for Establishment of Employment and Independence Support for Unemployed People FUJIMOTO, Manabu 2015/07 - 2020/03
The project of general support for youth affairs YAMAMOTO, Kohei 2015/07 - 2018/03

2014 Exploratory Research Projects

Project leader term
Multidisciplinary collaboration Supports for low birth weight infants YUI, Hideki 2014/07 - 2015/03
Project of Basic research on Youth Social Work YAMAMOTO, Kohei 2014/07 - 2016/03
Reconstruction of the history of law and psychology research as applied psychology WAKABAYASHI, Kosuke 2014/07 - 2015/03
Studies in cognitive bases to construct productive environment HATTORI, Masasi 2014/07 - 2016/03

Research Projects

Project leader term
Cognitive rehabilitation for elderly people living in local communities TSUCHIDA, Noriaki
Comparative Care Systems and Policies MATSUDA, Ryozo 2010 - 2015
Experimental research on career-support MOCHIZUKI, Akira 2004 -
Families/children with developmental disabilities project TAKEUCHI, Yoshiaki
Fundamental research on sympathy in human services, psychological resources, and interpersonal judgement (documents have not yet been submitted). YAGI, Yasuki
Human memory project HOSHINO, Yuji
Multifaceted assistance for abusive parents model project NAKAMURA, Tadashi
Noise research group HIGASHIYAMA, Atsuki
Practical research on "forensic clinical psychology" HIROI, Ryoichi
Print disability services in Japanese university libraries: issues and challenges MATSUBARA, Yoko 2009 - 2015
Puberty/family project YAMAMOTO, Kohei 2009/04 - 2017/03
Research Project on Male carers TSUDOME, Masatoshi
Research on infant writing/drawing using a "digital pen" behavior measurement device YATO, Yuko
Research on the application of the "Projective Drama Therapy" in clinical settings. OKAMOTO, Naoko
Spatial perception research group HIGASHIYAMA, Atsuki
The comprehensive Support for the people having developmental disabilities and their families TANI, Shinji 2013 - 2015
The movement towards psychologism and chances in emotional labor SAKIYAMA, Haruo
Trauma and resilience - overcoming individual, family, community, and historical traumas MURAMOTO, Kuniko
User Empowerment in Health and Welfare Services MATSUDA, Ryozo 2010 - 2013
Various forms of applied social psychology SATO, Tatsuya
A Study on the social care workers after East Japan great earthquake disaster ISHIKURA, Yasuji 2013/08 - 2014/03
Biodemography Project TAMAKI, Emi 2013/08 - 2014/03
Bioethical issues representation archive OTANI, Izumi 2014/04 - 2018/07
Inclusive Health and Welfare Services MATSUDA, Ryozo 2016/04 - 2019/03
Mechanism of support for high school students’ use of reading comprehension strategy when learning “ethics” textbook YAMAMOTO, Hiroki   2014/04 - 2017/03
Methods of Linking Evidence and Practice (MLEP) MATSUDA, Ryozo 2013/08 - 2014/03
Minorities in the modern world AMADA, Josuke 2014/04 - 2017/03
Multidisciplinary studies on visual illusion KITAOKA, Akiyoshi 2014/04 - 2020/03
Study on the education support network for foreign students utilizing multi-lingual DAISY textbooks OZAWA, Wataru 2011/04 - 2016/03
The Utility of Narrative Archives as Social Support FUKUDA, Mari 2013/08 - 2014/03
“Picture Book Healing: Make the Flower of Smiles Bloom,” a project based on clinical psychology MASUDA, Rika 2013/04 - 2023/03

Completed Projects

Research Projects

Project leader term
Contemplative caring research group NAKAGAWA, Yoshiharu
Effects of age upon optical illusions KITAOKA, Akiyoshi 2009/10 - 2014/03
Effects of manipulation of the feeding/watering enviroment on the eating and drinking behavior of pidgeons. Fuji, Kenichi
Experimental study regarding the accessibility of signaling in supporting reading to learn high school “ethics” textbooks. YAMAMOTO, Hiroki   2011/04 - 2014/03
Family Sociology SAITO, Mao - 2014/03
Potential for cooperation between qualitative and quantitative research efforts in the humanities and social sciences TSUTSUI, Junya

Institute-wide Research Project (2010-2012)

Project leader term
A Comprehensive and Proactive Simulation of an Inclusive Community:Creating a Sustainable Model of Collaborative Services Using the University as a Core Resource. TSUCHIDA, Noriaki


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